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Synergy1 - client has disconnected

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I am using Synergy1 on MacOS Mojave (both server and client).

Initial setup I had a client with name "client1". Then due to some other issues, I deleted the client

and created a new client profile with name "client2". I have configured the server and using a config file

that has only references to "client2".

The setup works. However, in the server logs I see constant stream of messages like this:


"Unrecognised client name client1 - check server config"

client "client1" has disconnected.


How do I make the synergy server forget about client1.


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Daniel Alarcon

Can you use the default config instead of the config file? 

Once you do that, you can just edit the name on the settings window on the client, once done, go the server settings and change the name.

Restart both Synergy services (server and client), and you should be able to see them connect.

Let me know if this helps.

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Daniel, thanks for your response. 

That's the first thing I tried. Then I tried having an explicit config. I am still at a loss on how Synergy server knows about client1.

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