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Compatibility Issue :: Greenshot

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I use GreenShot to capture screenshots.  http://getgreenshot.org/

When clicking on the Greenshot icon in the systray you can select Capture Region and take a screenshot as would be expected when working on a single workstation.  However, when pressing PrintScreen (the keyboard shortcut for capture region)  the post-capture dialog appears / looking at the content it seems that a Capture-Window occurred instead of Capture-Region.  The keyboard shortcut for Capture-Window is Alt + Print Screen; so it seems that Synergy is somehow appending an ALT to the characters sent.

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I have the same issue, as a workaround, I remapped the the capture region in Greenshot to ALT + printscreen... But when I'm not using Synergy 2, I need to use the Icon to do it or really do ALT + printscreen.

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