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Bug :: Paste gives [STX] instead of content


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I have an intermittent issue.

Keyboard and mouse are connected to Windows10.

Text editor (Programmer's Notepad) is open on Windows7.

Copying text from within the text editor then pasting elsewhere in the same text editor sometimes displays [STX] (i.e. the single control character) rather than the expected content.  Trying again moments later often resolves the issue.  The issue seems intermittent / unpredictable, so most likely relates to some glitch in network communication (speculation).


NB: Whenever I've seen this issue I've also found that the shared clipboard is not working, but rather I seem to have one clipboard per computer (i.e. I can no longer copy-paste data between the two / copying data on one computer has no impact on another computer); so maybe this symptom is a side effect of that larger issue?


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Please ignore this post; it seems I was pressing CTRL + B rather than CTRL + V due to a new, smaller keyboard.

This is not a Synergy bug; but user error on my part / this thread can be deleted.

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