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HID Synergy - Android, Chrome OS support with a Raspberry Pi Zero W


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I've been working on a fork of Synergy 2 that works for Android without root and Chrome OS that I'm calling HID Synergy: https://github.com/alexvanyo/hid-synergy

Devices such as the Raspberry Pi Zero W can be set up to act as Human Interface Devices (HID). To the computer or phone that they are plugged into, they look just like a normal keyboard and mouse, but since they are computers themselves they can arbitrarily simulate keypresses and mouse movements. By running a modified Synergy client on one of these devices, any device that can use USB devices can be controlled from a Synergy server, including non-rooted Android and Chrome OS.

More information, setup instructions and the code can be found in the repo.

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I believe that the repo you linked allows for replacing the normal network communication of Synergy with USB to USB.

The fork I've been working instead can simulate a mouse and keyboard using something like a Raspberry Pi Zero W, so with this intermediate "puppet" Synergy can control any device that supports USB devices without needing to be installed on them, which is especially useful for OSs like Android and Chrome OS which are more locked down.

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