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Synergy2 Linux to Windows AltGr


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I'm using a german keyboard and there's an issue with "Alt Gr" when switching from a linux device to Windows. So I can't type @ etc. at the moment. The workaround to use ctrl+alt instead works, but I keep forgetting to use it. 

The worst thing is, that Windows is not just ignoring it, but it misinterprets it, as it switches my keyboard layout and throws my mouse back to the main computer. So I need to move back over to the Windows device, change the keyboard layout and then remember to use the workaround.

Is there a way to change the setting here? In synergy 1 there were some mapping options that worked, i think it was "altgr = shift". Is there a way to use this on synergy2?


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  • Synergy Team

We're planning to bringing advanced settings to Synergy 2 Beta that are found in Synergy 1, which should solve the issue. Thanks for your patience.

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Same problem here. 

When using Windows 10 as server and Linux (Ubuntu 18.10) as client, pressing "alt gr" is ignored. Pressing "ctrl" + "alt" also doesn't work.

With Linux as server and Win as client, at least "ctrl" + "alt" is working. 

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