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Auto-detect a video game being out of focus

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I am unsure how easy this would be to implement, but I figured I would suggest this because it really slows me down when I have to remember a keypress every time I want access to my second monitor. (I must lock the cursor to the game monitor with a keypress, otherwise the cursor shows up on the second monitor while I am trying to play)

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Kelvin Tran
2 hours ago, darthclide said:

And visa versa, it would be nice if the synergy would auto-lock the screen, when you alt+tab back into a fullscreen game.

It is a nice suggestion.

It will, however, take some time for Symless to perfect that technology as it isn't as simple as it sounds. There would be a lot of false positives and false negatives if the technology were implemented incorrectly, and Symless seems to value quality over speed. Not to mention, however, that they have other, more critical tasks to take care of such as ensuring that Synergy 2 actually works and that Synergy 1 works well enough. Sorry, mate. Not going to happen for a few more months.

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Well my workaround is simply locking the screen, and having separate keybinds to switch between the monitors. So at least they could allow you to make hotkeys into toggles? That way I can just tap once for the screen, and tap that same key again to switch back. And this could just scale up for people who have multiple monitors. 1 hotkey per machine.

The question is: What will come first? The ability for synergy to seamlessly allow you to do alt+tab and see processes on the other computer, which in turn allow you to focus on that monitor? Or AI that sense what you are needing to do based of various things happening on screen such as a person in my chat needs permission to post a link, and I can just immediately drag my mouse over to the second machine and permit them.

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