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Setting dead corners in manual .sgc file?


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Hello, I am new to synergy, but I have found the manual solution to my first problem but not my second.

My setup is Game PC = Middle 4k Monitor and Capture PC = Dual 1080p Monitors Flanking the left and right. Synergy Version 1.8.8

The first issue was that since synergy treats the Capture PC's dual monitors as 1 they could not be split in the middle by the 4k Main monitor. Luckily I found a post with proper manual config to use which is as follows:

section: screens
section: links
              left = GAME
              right = GAME
              right = CAPTURE
              left = CAPTURE

This works PERFECTLY, except I have no dead corners, I need the Top Left and Right of the screens to be dead so I can snap windows against them and not over shoot when closing windows or selecting File/Menu bar functions at the edges of the screens.

I know if using the interactive gui setup there are options for it, but how do I add dead corner pixels manually to the .sgc file I already have to use? I would like approx the top 1/4 of both sides of all three screens to be dead.


Thank you for any possible solutions to this.

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