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Where to download 1.9.1?


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My backup disk failed, so I no longer have the 1.9.1 installers (Windows 64 bit and OSX). 1.9.1 is stable for me, so I'd like to have its installer available before I take a chance to upgrade. (Kids at home, always do this with any software you would miss using.)

Where might I find the 1.9.1 installers on the symless.com domain? The troubleshooting page links to 1.8.8, but 1.9.1 has various OSX fixes I want.


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interesting about 1.9.1 OSX fixes.. I'm in for the hunt on this too..
Any chance you can tell me/us fellow users.. what's up with 1.10 not being stable for you ?

FYI: I tried v2 and hated it.  Luckily, I received it for free due to buying into Synergy a very long time ago.
It feels invasive and when I tried it ..it did NOT  work without constant internet connection (AKA, you can't use on air gap'd network).
AKA: they went from making a tool for fellow developers to castrating it for soccer-moms to use WITHOUT providing us any way to control the "new methods" they implemented. For instance, no backend..it's all supposedly automatic and it sucked 3 hours of my life away and STILL FAILED at what it was supposed to do.

Sadly, these guys failed to deliver a version1 that was promised and marketed.. and their version 2 is flaky-o-rama.
I assume that they distanced themselves from SourceForge... as 1.8.8 is the last download there for v1.x..


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