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Cloud connect failure

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I know you need your DRM solution to verify to your master server stuff is actually being used with a license, but always-online is a bit stupid when it fails to work or when the internet goes out. Recently Google Cloud had a massive hiccup that was actually visible on traffic meters. Also, not having an actual error message displayed to the user "Could not connect to synergy cloud" or something makes it hard to know what's going on. I don't like to toot my own horn too much, but these Quality of Life things are what I do for a living so I'd be more than happy to create you some bullet points to work on in regards to usability not just for enterprise, but consumers as well. There needs to be some serious updates if this software is to spread and manifest itself within the market.

Stability is one thing, but when things go wrong or don't quite work there needs to be feedback. You can't rely on always online, edge cases of bad connections and other temporary issues need to be accounted for.

You can't just put a tray icon there when you start the helper, either put it there at all times, opening the helper on double click or add an option to open it, it should be there when the service is running as control.

Mouse capture modes for "main applications" needs a look at in regards to stopping a machine switch when some applications don't fully capture the cursor, alternatively a mode to disable synergy when certain processes are running and in focus.

Sound capture, that's probably been requested a million times huh.

Cross-machine open links or quick switch shortcuts, open any hyperlinks back on the main machine instead of the satelites, shortcut to switch between machines that can be set.

Generator for links to simply click on, download synergy already logged in for setting up new computers without having to manually enter passwords and fiddle around with the service install.

Grid system to align machines.

Auto-updater and version control for debugging.

I know this may sound pretty harsh and you may feel as though I am being unreasonable, but you got to remember, when you prominently display yourself through ads, sponsored videos and other media you will be met with people who have expectations and may be looking to switch from other similar solutions to yours on actual enterprise scale. At that point someone like me comes along that handles businesses and their IT needs looking to move away from said competitors and they are running my door in in regards to "back in beta" and the likes of features they "require". I wish you well for the further development and hope this recent issue can be resolved quickly.

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