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Ctrl VS Cmd


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I have been using Synergy for quite a while now. Recently purchased it too.

One thing I really miss from v1 is the ability to switch Ctrl and CMD on Mac around. Because as a Windows user that needs to use a Mac solely to use Xcode, not being able to just copy and paste things smoothly is a minor nuisance. So the lack of a settings menu for that, and the ability to boot old PCs from the menu is kinda annoying too. Finally another pet peeve is the cursor not always being hidden switching screens.

But not to crash the parade, other than the beta being a beta. It works pretty great. I understand that v2 is not a full product. I was only hoping to share some feedback. Although I'm sure you probably know already. Love this program, especially being able to use a Mac for the one purpose I need it to so smoothly without having to switch keyboards and get used to new ones.

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I just figured out you can remove PCs. My bad!

If I missed anything else I listed please do correct me of course. :P

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