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Strange lock-up

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Hello Synergists,

Today I faced a strange behaviour on my setup, not sure what caused it, but I will explain in detail what I know :

  • Setup :
    Still the same Win 10 (acting most of time as master) + Debian Stretch (9.4)
  • Context :
    Both computers hibernated tonight (suspend to disk)
    I turned them back on around the same time
    Debian computer has sometimes trouble with network after an hibernation (it did some things this morning, I had to manually restart the network AFTER the trouble described here)
  • Behaviour :
    After completed startup and correct recover from hibernation, both computers were up and locked
    I accidentaly hit an active edge on master (windows) and couldn't get focus back to it, master mouse and keyboard were unresponsive on slave.
    Using keyboard and "mouse" on debian didn't allow to take control over windows
  • Resolution :
    Both computer are laptop, I was able to use debian keyboard to stop synergy on it, I recovered immediately control of the windows.

Here are the logs (synergy-combined.log), couldn't upload it directly due to NDA at my company.

Regards !




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