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strange problem

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I had switched my displays on my Main PC and StreamPC.  Synergy 2 worked 64bit.

Then I switch the displays back.  Synergy won't work from the Main PC (it goes to the edge of the screen then bounces back staying in).

But I can access main PC from stream PC (share from this PC).

I need to control the stream PC with the Main PC.  completely uninstalled video card drivers and synergy on both PCs.  ran ccleaner.  reinstalled video drivers and synergy.  still having the issue.  any help?

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well I actually only kind of fixed it.  it seems when I put the "change the size of text, apps and items" to 125% it can't cross over to the stream PC.  only if I put it at 100% on main PC does it allow me to access the stream PC via synergy2

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Kelvin Tran

@Dojii Have you tried using Synergy 1 yet?

Unless you are a die-hard beta tester, Synergy 1's mature stability is probably the best for you.

If you are steadfast on beta-testing the awesome new features in Synergy 2, however, we can still help!

By "unable to access", what do you mean? If you try to mouse over to the left edge of the screen, is it just blocking you or is there an error message with information that could potentially help us find the root cause of your issue?

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There is no error message.  Usually when I mouse left when it will cross over to the other pc.  Instead the mouse cursor sort of "resets" itself back to the center of the main display rather than crossing the "threshold" over to the other pc that's running synergy2.  The problem was resolved when I simply scaled back to default 100% (in the display options scale and layout, change the size of text, apps, and other items). 

Normally I was running at 125% scaled to read easier.  It's probably some "cached" setting somewhere in the depths of the registry or display settings.  As everything ran fine till I switched displays around, then switched them back.  My eyes have adjusted to the scale and layout on the main display now so it's not a big deal.  I just like resolving my bugs more than anything so I was stubborn to get it to work the way it was originally lol. 

I have never tried synergy 1.  2 works fine for me besides the occasional interruption or disconnect between computers. 


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