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Reverted to 1.9.1 from v2


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On a mac.  There was no apparent way to use v2 without auto config.  I have two macs.  Both run wifi - as well as two discrete ethernet ports.  I wanted Synergy to run on a specific IP address.  After initial setup it was clear that Synergy only wanted to connect via wifi.  With no clear way (in the GUI anyway) to simply point the app to specific server's IP address, I punted and reverted to 1.9.1.  

Synergy now runs almost perfectly.  I say almost, because if the client machine boots before the server machine Synergy will automatically check the "auto config" checkbox and then not connect anyway.  In this scenario I find myself plugging in my mouse keyboard from the server machine to the client machine, unchecking the "auto config" box, filling out the Server IP field, and hitting apply.  After that unplug said keyboard / mouse and plugging it back into the server machine.  All is well at that point, but this little dance is likely an avoidable thing if the user's unchecking of the "auto config" check box is sticky - and synergy pings the entered server IP until it shows up.

Otherwise this version of Synergy works very well for me.

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Nick Bolton

Glad to hear you're up and running again. Sadly the auto-config doesn't work very well in Synergy 1. I'm considering removing it, as it causes so many issues. Synergy 2 has auto-config, but it's still in beta.

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Thanks Nick!

That would work for me, assuming this would result in assigned IPs remaining sticky upon reboot.

Otherwise v.1 is very stable, and performing well for me.

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