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i know it's suppose to be "intutive", but since Synergy 2 seems stuck in Beta (oh by the way, when did you send the e-mail informing me that synergy 2 was back in beta? I had MANY e-mail asking me to switch to Synergy 2 which was SOOOOO much bettter, but I can't find the one explaining that after all, it would be a good idea to wait a little more) it would be nice to know how It is supposed to work. My experience: a window with text on a black baccground on one computer, on a green background; surely that means something... but what? I installed Synergy on both my computers but only one computer appears on the screen of each computer. Should'nt it show the other computer on the same network? probably, but without basic documentation, there's no way to know.

And no, the "unofficial documentation" on the forum is NOT enough. This is nice, but it does not answer directly the questions above and it is both "UNOFFICIAL" and a little outdated (Synergy 2 is introduced as a "stable" version), so it is not a good starting point.

I don't ask for  a 30 page technical manual, but just the answer to these questions:

-what should I see on the screen when I start Synergy 2 ?

-what should I do to make the program work ?

-This information  should be available from the program itself, without having to dig for "unofficial" documentation in user forums.

-It the information has not been updated for the latest release, that should be indicated, so that the user knows that there might be slight differences between the instructions and what he sees on the screen.



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Frustration understood and noted (that's why the switch back to beta). The team's working on all of these issues, but your input will serve as a reminder. Thanks!

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