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Synergy 1 is available for all!

Kelvin Tran

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Kelvin Tran

For those who didn't see the mass email that Symless sent out to all users, here you go...

The Symless team has recently notified all users that Synergy 2 is back to beta and that it is back to the structure that it was in many, many months ago.

Now, however, many users are asking about where to get their Synergy 1 license keys, since they want to go back. Moderation staff and Symless team member used to advise users to email [email protected] to have their accounts 'upgraded' to Synergy 1-equipped accounts.

Now, however, @Sarah Hebert and the rest of the Symless team have notified moderation staff and users through email that Synergy 1 is now available through all accounts as "the stable release of Synergy". If you are experiencing issues with the now-beta Synergy 2, please obtain Synergy 1 and use it. If that doesn't work for you, then go ahead and create a post on the community forums or use the contact form on the website to get in contact with Symless support staff.

We appreciate your work in assisting us with Synergy v2 feedback and we hope that S1 works better for you in the meantime.

TL;DR - Note that all user accounts have been updated with Synergy 1 licenses. (thanks, @jml)

EDIT - A Slack user has pointed out that I have not included the location of the download. If no issues exist and your account has been properly updated by the Symless team with the Synergy 1 license key, you should be able to download Synergy 1.9.1 (currently the latest v1 iteration) from the normal Downloads page of Synergy. Click here: https://symless.com/synergy/downloads

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