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Kelvin Tran

Additionally, Synergy is only really useful for devices that have computer-level (desktop) operating systems.

I can't even remember if iOS supported mousing. Plus, it raises questions about how they would handle API integration, operating system-level input validation, etc. It's a whole jumble of issues that I am not half qualified to go into detail about (being a network specialist rather than a programmer), but I know that it's not worth it. Plus, getting it through the Google Play store and the iOS App Store would be living hell. Let's just consider this topic closed. Agreed? @rpcd


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Hi Nick ... really hmmm

I know from the previous response the concerns ... but I use and code everything
I actually do see a usefulness ... but also agree that it probably isn't the current market scope considering that v2 is back in beta
I've used your product for years

actually I almost applied for the position you emailed to me last month ... but I hesitated too long
and it went away ...

maybe something will come up again in future and I'll come back to Europe ...

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