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synergy-core --client error

WooHyung Jeon

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WooHyung Jeon
$synergy-core --client (my-server-address)


[2018-05-30T20:28:50] WARNING: failed to set process uid to : -1


How can I solve this? My machine information is attached below.



O/S: Gentoo Linux

installed version: portage version(which is 2.0.0) and also after that, I've installed v2 beta from git.(Exactly same error occurs)

What I've done: I tried ip address of my server, screen name, all upper case, all lower case.(Exactly same error occurs for all)


O/S: Windows 10

installed version: v2 beta



When I was using Fedora, Works Great. When downloaded with website, not repository(DNF).

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WooHyung Jeon

Exactly same error occurs. Even in root, not sudo.

I'm just like going crazy now. 

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