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is there product availability matrix?

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Is there a PAM and I missed it?

Because when trying to set up synergy v2 on my arch, I ran into several problems, one of the most blocking was that apparently Synergy had a bug with X Window System.

I became quite frustrated that of all the pinned posts in the forums and pages that I found on known bugs [ https://symless.com/synergy/help/known-bugs] [and it was a known bug because when I was in a back and forth with a Synergy Support Engineer, she informed me that Symless was aware of that bug ], Symless apparently hadnt considered making a simple PAM to let users with incompatible set-ups know that Synergy wouldnt work on their OS and to not bother downloading it if they didnt feel like spending time diagnosing it.

When version 2 becomes released again. Can you guys please include a product availability matrix so that users like me who have incompatible setups dont download a product that was doomed to fail?

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