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Synergy 2 Online Only?


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So to my surprise after all this time, I just realized that Synergy 2 is online only. Now, this in itself is not a horrible thing in my mind; however, it completely bricked my v1 install after it told me to upgrade to v2 (this was awhile back). Unfortunately, I learned of this when I just lost internet access in the middle of work.... not exactly something that I was expecting, and I am surprised it had not occurred sooner. Is there any way to continue using v1?

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Kelvin Tran

Please contact service@symless.com or use their contact form to request a license key for Synergy v1. Please note that Synergy 2.1 (shadowed for Q3 of this year) includes offline functionality. We're sorry for the inconvenience a lack of offline functionality has caused you.

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I apologize if my post came across as a disgruntled: that was not my aim.

I was just curious about why it had forced me to update to 2.0 when it came out. Luckily, there is rarely a time that I do not have internet access, and that you guys are working on offline functionality is great. 

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