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Windows edge with scaling


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I seem to be having a problem with Windows 10 after I upgraded with the April 2018 windows update (version 1803).  I've now Isolated it to Synergy.  Here's my setup two monitors setup at 1920x1080 resolution at and scaling set at 125% on both monitors.  The 2nd computer is a Mac with High Sierra (no problems here). Even when Synergy is shutdown on Windows 10 and I'm not using it, the mouse disappears at about 2/3 towards the edge of the screen when I'm moving it across the 2nd screen (towards the edge where I normally move the mouse when I'm moving to the Mac screen).  I had to uninstall Synergy completely in order in order to get back full functionality to my 2nd monitor. I'm using Synergy 2.0.12.

Any ideas how to fix this issue?



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Robert Krpoun

With my Windows-Mac setup, I had to switch ALL monitors on the windows box to 100% scaling, and then everything worked fine.

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Yeah, I had to do that myself to get Synergy working, but I have poor eyes and need the 125% scaling more than I need Synergy.  So I had to uninstall Synergy. With Synergy installed I could not get the 125% to work.  I do tech support and I only need the Mac side when clients have a Mac and need help with the Mac...thankfully it's a lot smaller than the PC side which I prefer to use most of the time. I'm currently using a USB switch where I'm using a Logitech Unify receiver with my wireless keyboard and mouse, when I'm switching to the Mac side I just hit a button on the switch.  It basically gives me the same functionality as Synergy because the Mac mini is sitting on my desk. 


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