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Can't get Ubuntu 18.04 connected to Windows 10


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I have Synergy 2.11 installed on my two laptops as follows:

1. My Work laptop is Windows 10

2. My Personal laptop is Ubuntu 18.04

When I brought both of them up this morning, Synergy worked just fine.

A few minutes ago, I had to start the VPN on my work laptop.  My company does NOT have split tunnelling and as a result, Synergy lost connection.  When I detached from the VPN, the work laptop started cycling as if it were trying to connect.  Shortly after this, it connected and then my personal laptop started cycling as if it were trying to connect.  This cycle repeats itself and is completely reproducible.

The only way I have found to get both machines connected again is to shut down the windows machine, restart the service on Ubuntu and then reboot the Windows machine. 

This sounds like a simple one.  Can somone please help fix this to make this stable?


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a quick way to restart the Synergy core is to open the Synergy UI and mouse-move one of the screen simulations away from the others. They will flip to the gray 'connecting' mode. Then reposition the screens where you want them. This should restart the Synergy core on each machine.

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