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Reasons that I've moved on


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I've been using synergy for several years, and have been a huge fan of the concept as I regularly have 3 or more computers hooked up and historically had a KVM (without the V hooked up) so that I could move control over to the other systems. I was enjoying the progression of Synergy 1. I understand the ease of setup that was implemented with Synergy 2, but I've gained little else and lost a lot more. I switched back to Synergy 1 last week, and experienced some issues getting my Linux Box working properly. Here's a list of the reasons that I've moved on from Synergy:

  • Mouse and Key Board Lag.
    • This isn't all the time, but happens enough that it's at the top of the list.
  • Regular disconnects between client/server.
    •  At least daily.
  • Loss of mouse click functionality on clients.
    • Semi-daily, if not daily.
  • Clipboard inconsistencies
    • Mostly when copying out of an RDP session on the client.
    • I believe this passively inserts the clipboard item to the OS and Synergy doesn't see it.
  • Inability to restart services.
  • Synergy's lack of ability to detect issues and automatically resolve them.
  • Lack of auto-update.
    • Worse: I have to login to download the update to all of my systems.
  • Lack of auto-log reporting for system crashes.
    • TBH, I'm not sure you don't have this, but I'd would have wagered that you don't ... since there's no opt-out for it.
    • Check out Sentry.
  • Lack of multiple configuration options.
    • I have two main cnfigurations:
      • At the Office:  Server: Desktop; Client: LaptopA; Client: LaptopB
      • On the Road:  Server: LaptopA; Client: LaptopB; Client: LaptopC
    • It takes me way to long to get swapped between configurations.
  • Lack of ability to turn off features that are released that I don't want.
    • I don't want my server to automatically switch just cause my wife walked in and took over my laptop for a minute.
    • Every single feature should be toggle-able Seriously, don't ever add a feature without giving people an opt-out.
  • Lack of ability to disable a system as a client, temporarily, from the server.
    • Back to the scenario where my wife walked off with a laptop that I was using.
  • Lack of gesture support.
    • Gestures aren't restricted to Macs; I don't own a single Apple device.
    • I have a Logitech T650.

I'm aware some, if not all, of these are on the roadmap; I'm looking forward to them being properly released. I know that a lot of time and love has gone into Synergy, and I know the team will resolve its issues soon. I will definitely come back and try Synergy again when Synergy 2 is out of it's beta stages, and becomes feature rich again.

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton
52 minutes ago, VertigoRay said:

Even though I've switched to a fork, it will not be permanent. I know that a lot of time and love has gone into Synergy, and I know the team will resolve its issues soon. 

We're working hard to fix all of those issues (both bugs and missing features). Synergy 2 is nowhere near where we want it to be, but it has great potential.

I hope we can welcome you back once we've accomplished what we need to. Thanks for trying Synergy 2.

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