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Service restart required


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Sometimes I have to restart the synergy service on a machine despite it detecting both machines. They are in green and it detects mouse movement (i.e. switches the active computer) automatically. But the cursor will not move from one machine to the next. This occurs whether I am using machine 1 or machine 2 as the one which is in control. A service restart on one or both computers is typically required. I am running Windows 10 newest update 1803 and Synergy 2.0.10-stable.

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I'd actually blame it on the Windows update after doing more reading:

Seems like a lot of others are having issues (see above link). Also, the screen resolutions are all messed up - where the mouse is jumping halfway across the screen once moving.

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Restarting service also fixed the problem I was seeing:

Two Win10 laptops, both on 2.0.10. On the desktop, one green, the other 'searching'. If I move the mouse on the other PC, the green one changes, but then the other starts searching.

I disabled/enabled on both computers, but that did not solve it. Restarting serviceĀ on both got me back working again.


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