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Alt + Tab to switch between windows (in Windows) not working


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Using the keyboard for typing is working well across my computers and the mouse also works fine. 

But I cannot use the keyboard shortcuts especially Alt + Tab to switch between windows that are open!!

Has anyone have a solution for that?

Thank you for the help


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Sorry that you're having problems. Have you contacted our support team yet? https://symless.com/contact/customer-support

If you'd rather get help here on the forums, that's fine too. Please, could you share your log links for all of your computers? Often people can only help you troubleshoot if you share your log links. Please make sure you share only the actual log links (not the log file contents). Here's how...



Marco79, I just verified the alt+Tab works on all my machines in my system, so, it's a Windows feature that is usually supported. 

Step 1 is above, start a Support ticket so your issue can be front and center with the developers.

What OSs are you using? Is the keyboard a standard US keyboard?

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