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Double-tap an edge in order to move


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I realized we're going for "fire and forget" here, but there are some options that I used in 1.x that would be really useful to have access to in 2.0. For instance, the ability to double-tap an edge in order to move to the next screen. This is invaluable in instances where you are running something on your main screen and DON'T want to accidentally move the mouse over to the other machine.

Am I missing something or is there no way to access this functionality in 2.0?

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not yet.

You're right on the delay-at-the-edge feature. I used it some in version 1. And about the fire-and-forget, for now.

The feature-rich version of 2.0 will be 2.1 and it's still a few months away. I don't know about this particular feature, but it's being developed for the IT and/or power-user to tweak as needed. 

Just for optimum attention, post your issue over in the Feature Ideas section of the forum. It'll be more likely to come to the attention of the developers at a point when they can include it.

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I completely agree there needs to be SOMETHING to stop accidental switching. Especially with the horrible freezing that occurs when something is copied to the clipboard (since it seems I'm never going to get the option to turn that off). I work in Photoshop and Illustrator all day. Those programs have menus, tools, sliders, buttons, etc all along both edges. I'm constantly accidentally hitting the edge. And of course, I usually have something copied to the clipboard, so it freezes my machine for about 20 seconds every time. 

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