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Synergy 2 Multiple monitors mouse stuck


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I'm facing an issue when i'm switching from 2 monitors to 1 monitors in order to use my second one form my second PC.  

My computer using 2 monitors is under Ubuntu 16. I go to settings and turn off the second monitor.  When I move my mouse over to the Windows PC, my mouse gets stuck on the far left side of the screen and I can't go back to my primary computer.  I need to shutdown my second computer for the mouse to return to normal, kill Synergy on Ubuntu, boot the windows PC again an then it will work.

Anyone having the same issue ? 

I haven't tried to turn off my second monitor in ubuntu before I power on the Windows PC. I'll give it a go and  let you guys know.

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I'm having the same issue with Ubuntu + Windows 10.  I can't go left (or at least not very fast).  If i SLOWLY move the mouse northwest, I can eventually go back.  If I use synergy from the windows machine, it's all fine.  I just don't want to as the keyboard and mouse setup is better on the linux system. 

The previous version of synergy worked fine, starting to regret the purchase.

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19 minutes ago, Davewill said:

Yeas, I run into that kind of thing often when adding or subtracting a monitor from Ubuntu. Synergy doesn't seem to realize that it's happened and uses the old desktop dimensions. I don't use Ubuntu as my server, so I haven't gotten that badly stuck.


The way I fix it is to open the synergy app and right click to "share from" again. It doesn't seem to matter which machine you do it on. That usually causes a reconnect and fixes the issue. Alternately, drag one of the computers away from the rest, then back. You could also try using the tray app on Windows to disable then enable Synergy.

Thanks for the tip Davewill ! I'll try this next time and let you know.
I just hope I dont forget to do it before I switch from Ubuntu to Windows.

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Rubin Starset

Sorry for bringing back up an old thread. I'm running 1.13.1 and am hitting this issue. The server is a single monitor Windows machine on the right. The client is a dual monitor Debian machine, where the left most monitor is a small laptop display and the middle monitor is much larger. The bottom of the laptop display will cause my mouse to get stuck.

The solution is this thread says to right click on something saying "share from" but the present UI to Synergy I'm running doesn't have anything like this. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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