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2.0.9 Mac connection problem.

Joel Gray

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It sure seems like I have problems with every single upgrade. With this latest version 2.0.9 my MacBook Pro does not seem to connect. Prior to the upgrade I followed the uninstall procedures on both my Mac and Windows 10 machines including reboots. The Windows 10 machine appears to connect fine as the "screen" icon appears green but the Mac "screen" icon stays gray with the moving bar across the bottom. The logs are below. Of particular note I see these messages repetitively.

[ Core    ] 2018-04-12 11:31:12.543 synergy-core[913:17320] pid(913)/euid(501) is calling TIS/TSM in non-main thread environment, ERROR : This is NOT allowed. Please call TIS/TSM in main thread!!!
[ Config  ] [2018-04-12T11:31:12] debug: current version is update to date
[ Service ] [2018-04-12T11:31:12] debug: invalid http request: {"error":"Stale screen version"}
[ Service ] [2018-04-12T11:31:13] debug: got user auth token: ***removed for security reasons****


If anyone has ideas I'd appreciate it. I did start a ticket with support as well but I thought I'd see if anyone here had an idea.

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And now the Windows computer no longer seems to be connecting and is reporting these errors.

[ Config ] [2018-04-12T12:11:33] error: Reply status code: 400

[ Config ] [2018-04-12T12:11:33] error: Reply error message: Invalid JSON request: bad numeric conversion: negative overflow

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Hi Nick,

18 hours ago, Joel Gray said:

I did start a ticket with support as well but I thought I'd see if anyone here had an idea.

I work in the software industry and know that support can be overwhelming so I was looking for a hopefully faster response from the community. In the mean time, waiting patiently :)



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2 hours ago, Nick Bolton said:

Would you mind contacting support? The really want to hear from you

I contacted them last Thursday and have not heard anything back yet.

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton
On 4/16/2018 at 7:57 PM, NoBigdeal said:

I'm also getting this SSL error

[2018-04-16T20:57:16] NOTE: connecting to '':
[2018-04-16T20:57:16] INFO: OpenSSL 1.0.2n  7 Dec 2017
[2018-04-16T20:57:17] WARNING: failed to connect to server: Connection refused

Ah, that's actually not an SSL error, as the two log lines aren't related. Looks like you're using Synergy 1, and could be seeing a firewall issue. Could you try disabling your firewall temporarily?

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According to support, my issue is a known bug and won't be taken care of for a while :( I went back to the last version that worked for me which was 2.0.6 and all was well for a few days, then suddenly it stopped working and when I would load the UI I would get the message that the version was no longer supported. I believe that was the same day 2.0.10 came out, I'm out of luck until the issues is resolved. I put in a request to support to allow version 2.0.6 again but haven't heard back in a few days.


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Victor Emmanuel

hey :) I'm new to the forum 

cause I don't have any issue before 

I have the same issue where my Mac is the server and my Win 10 Laptop is the Client 

it lost the connection from time to time , What is the best practice for me to trouble shoot ?

also i notice that when my Laptop goes from Lan to Wifi or vise versa , it's taking forever to get a connection back 

I'm currenly on v2.09

I don't have this kind of isssue when I was still using V1.x


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