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Inconsistent Mouse Behavior - iMac Server - Surface Book Pro - Client 2.0.9


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Anyone else have a similar setup? I just installed 2.0.9 (have been living without Synergy for a bit as earlier versions were not working for me at all) and both machines appear connected just fine. However, when I attempt to transition from iMac to Surface i cannot. The cursor just loops on my iMac Screen (tried it with my 2nd display connected and disconnected, same experience). It's as if the Surface Book is non existent. This is consistent and repeatable, after reboots and reinstalls. 

Another scenario that I now cannot get to happen again is that I tried using my Surface Book pen and all movements/clicks on the Surface Book were mapped to the appropriate location on my iMac display (guess it's one way to get touch/stylus functionality on an iMac) 

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Sorry that you're having problems. Have you contacted our support team yet? https://symless.com/contact/customer-support

If you'd rather get help on the forums, please could you share your logs? Without logs, nobody can help you troubleshoot the issue.


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Hi Nick, 


Thanks for following up! I haven't shared logs or contacted support. I actually got wrapped up refreshing Operating systems, etc.  I will definitely be reinstalling and if I have the same behaviors I reach out. 




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