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Can't edit my settings


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I can not find any settings except for the position of my monitors.
Could it be because this is the trial version? Maybe I'm too dumb to find the settings.

I don't know but all I can see is this.


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You're not dumb at all. Other than the monitor position, there are no settings in 2.08 (or any current 2.x release). The product is designed to be self-configuring.

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Correct. They're working on putting together customizations for 2.x but that hasn't been released yet. The vast majority of users shouldn't need customization for basic functionality, but the developers are well aware of the need for some users to tweak things. Hang in there.

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton
3 hours ago, Dikkiedik said:

So if I want to customize things I would have to download a previous version?


What problem are you trying to solve?

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James Wells

This is really annoying.  I understand that you guys are trying to make things easier overall, but you shouldn't remove the ability for people who want to go more advanced.  For example, I have between four and six nodes at any given time, all in a single horizontal plane.  Because of this wide layout, I have been using loops for years.  A very simple example;

  • section: links
    • node3:
      • left(0,100) = node1(0,100)
      • right(0,100) = node2(0,100)
    • node2:
      • left(0,100) = node3(0,100)
      • right(0,100) = node1(0,100)
    • node1:
      • left(0,100) = node2(0,100)
      • right(0,100) = node3(0,100)
  • end

So with this configuration, I can go right or left to loop through my systems.

Due to various work, I tend to need the mouse to be completely stable between systems.  Well, for some reason I can no longer adjust relativeMouseMoves depending on my need.  For example, if I am going to be doing 3D stuff on Windows, I use this;

  • relativeMouseMoves = true


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The particular problem I'm trying to solve is that I have two monitors for my desktop, and I can't get them to logically align with my laptop. 

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