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Understanding app focus in v1.9.1 on Windows 10

Joel Walsh

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First off thanks for being the "Synergy Guy" what a useful app. I've been using Synergy versions since about 2003. It's funny how few people know it even exists. Anyway ... 

I'm looking for some info from the community about what the expected behaviour is for application focus on the server in v1.9.1 before I say something is broken or not working for me.

When I mouse away from the server (Windows 10) the foreground application on the server loses focus. Previously this was never a problem or at least I never noticed because I served from a Mac. Now if this application on the Windows server looses focus I get "problems" where it behaves badly (trust me you don't want to know). What is the expected behaviour for Synergy v1.9.1 in this case ? Is the whole point that you need to release the app when you leave the screen or is there something happening in my case ? I wish the fore ground app in Windows would not lose focus but maybe thats how it's supposed to work.

Any tips would be appreciated ..going a little nutz here ... 

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I found the setting in Windows server settings / advanced server settings / Don't take foreground window on Windows server solved my problem entirely. The issue was when I served from Windows without this bool set true (checked) my audio application Pro Tools would loose focus causing considerable performance degradation.   

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