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MacOS wifi lag?


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After finally sorting out *most* of my issues, I've still got just one left. Usually it's ok, but occasionally the mouse on the client (host and client are 2017 Macbook Pro and 2016 Macbook Pro, respectively) will get a little laggy, and usually that's accompanied by a 1-5 second wait for the mouse to appear there at all.

I did a little digging, and found this synergy 1.9 update that fixed a lag bug in MacOS: 

Is this issue also fixed in Synergy 2, or has the rewrite of the network system brought this bug back?

Another issue is that, when moving quickly (or really anything faster than absolute snails pace), back to the host, the cursor ends up at the centre of the host's "primary" display. I should note for this bug that my setup is, from left to right: Client MBP - Monitor connected to Client - Monitor connected to Host - Host MBP. However, this ONLY seems to happen with an external mouse connected, the trackpad works great, but is far from ideal for a full day's work. I can live with it for now, but it's a little jarring, and definitely doesn't feel seamless. I don't remember if this happened in Synergy 1 when I tried it the other day though

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Ah, no surprise there then, I've seen these spikes, I just thought they might have been my tool/a matter of nice/CPU priority.


I'll try wiring in

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