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Alright, I've got a couple "feature" issues...


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1. On the features page for 'Syngergy 2' it says that basic has no option to copy and paste things such as text, while the pro version does? Now I didn't test to see if it actually worked on basic, but from Synergy 1 you can still take text and copy and paste them. (Valuable for me when I'm coding java for school and working on papers but need more than just 1 laptop screen of space and can easily use one computer for finding information and then just copying it over from the other computer for use in things such as quotes, etc.). I realize that you got rid of a lot of the original things from Synergy 1 and plan to add even more features back to Synergy 2, but I got the program initially to be able to copy and paste text as well as move my mouse from screen to screen. I also think that since you're adding things later on like file sharing why not keep clipboard sharing as a thing for both of the versions rather than just the pro version and that is basically my feature idea for S2 Basic. I looked at the roadmap but as far as I could tell S2 Basic isn't getting any of the clipboard sharing advancements.


2. While not really a "feature" for the program, why aren't we allowed to upgrade for a lower cost after buying the basic version? I see the ~$10 discount and I scoff at it. Take it from the consumers perspective, you just bought Synergy 2 Basic for ~$30, and after awhile you're out of the 30 day refund period but later down the road you want to upgrade to Synergy 2 pro, which in my case the upgrade is $30. That's nearly $60 and Synergy 2 pro only costs $40, that's a $20 increase for me, why is it that high? At the most it should be around $10 to match the price difference between S2 Basic and S2 Pro, at the least it should be a lot smaller but only available sometime after the refund period. What this essentially tells me is that if you buy the basic version you're screwed if you want to upgrade and are spending way more than you should.

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Well thought out and good points all. As Synergy 2.1 develops in a few months, we may see some changes in the marketing and maybe some 'sale' offers. 

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Nick Bolton
15 hours ago, jbh said:

why aren't we allowed to upgrade for a lower cost after buying the basic version

It's a bug on the website. We're fixing it, don't worry.

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