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Issues with synergy 2 that, IIRC, I never had with synergy 1


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It's been a while since I used Synergy, though I've kept supporting all along. Now I've got a setup where I can actually use it as part of my *work* workflow, but it seems rather...shaky, compared to previous times I've used Synergy 1. In fairness, this is the first time I'm running it on all Macs, as opposed to different hosts, but still shouldn't be this wonky...

I AM running this on wifi on both ends, 2 Macbook Pro 15", both with High Sierra, one 2016, one 2015. Wifi is 5Ghz AC.
I really don't think the network is a significant issue here -- I've run Synergy 1 through an SSH tunnel, through the internet, disguised as HTTPS traffic, and even with all the hoops to jump through there, it performed rather adequately.

So I'll start with the issues that I'm positive have to do with Synergy, and not my network. Or at least, aren't likely solely caused by my network:

1. Moving from a 'client' to the 'host' sometimes will jump to the middle of the primary monitor, rather than the edge of the screen. Looks like if I go slowly, it goes to the edge, otherwise, straight to the middle. This could be related to the network issues, where Synergy doesn't get a poll near enough to the edge (I notice "frame" dropping when on the other machine), so all it knows is that it's on the other machine, and not the cursor's exact location. I'm thinking this would be an issue with the all-way on-the-fly sharing feature, since when all Synergy has to care about is the ONE server, it probably just sends commands to the other end, rather than polling the remote for location. Just a guess though.

2. This could be related to the above -- "frame" dropping of the cursor. Not only does this cause jittery motion of the cursor, for some reason I cannot understand at all, UP is faster than DOWN, and LEFT is faster than RIGHT. Movement is also....really weird. It seems to try to stick to the axes (plural of axis, in this case). It's very easy to move the cursor exactly up or down, and it's almost difficult to have fine control sometimes because of it.

I actually JUST tried doing things the other way around, and plugging my keyboard/mouse into what I consider the client in this case, and it's much better. Could it have something to do with the Logitech Gaming Software I have installed on the "Host" machine? Issue 1 is still present though.

Possibly related to my network is the fact that moving between computers sometimes takes ages -- like a full second or more. Latency between machines does vary a bit, but we're talking well under 40ms consistently, and most often in the 5ms range.

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So now I've tried with synergy 1 -- jumping back and forth is *much* more reliable, but the mouse still behaves strangely (up/left faster than down/right) on the 'client' machine.


EDIT: And now back to synergy 2, the mouse works fine, but still sometimes takes SECONDS to go to the client, and jumps to the centre of the host when coming back.

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Also I've noticed forward/back buttons on the mouse don't work reliably. Whichever machine I'm on, I have to press the button 4-12 times before it registers, after which it will work just fine for a second or 3, then same problem again.

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just another data point:

I use a Logitech gaming keyboard, mostly because it is lighted. I, too, use the software. It works well. The server is Win10, but my most used machine is Kubuntu 17.10. 

When I tried to reverse the set-up, that is: move the keyboard to the Kubuntu, I had issues with erratic actions. I don't even remember what wasn't working, just that I didn't want to take the time to mess with it. I went back to the setup that works really well.   

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