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Synergy causes client screen to lock

John Sandbrook

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John Sandbrook

I've been running synergy 1.8 across a Windows 10 desktop (server) and laptop (client) and it has always worked fine. Just today, whenever I connect my laptop, the screen immediately locks.

Poking around the debug logging I see these potentially interesting lines


DEBUG: shutting down because of desk switch to ""


[2018-03-20T18:43:12] NOTE: client "bos-wpwnc" has connected
[2018-03-20T18:43:12] DEBUG1: send reset options to "bos-wpwnc"
[2018-03-20T18:43:12] DEBUG1: send set options to "bos-wpwnc" size=24
[2018-03-20T18:43:14] NOTE: client "bos-wpwnc" has disconnected

Has anyone come across this before? I've hard rebooted both computers and upgraded from 1.8 to 1.9 to no effect. I also tried turning off screen saver synchronization and drag and drop.

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John Sandbrook

Update: this persisted for a few days, even while using other computers as the server. Then I found out the middle mouse button on my laptop was causing the screen to lock when pressed. Something in Synergy must have been causing the middle mouse button to trigger once connected, causing my problem.

I could not find an option in Windows 10 to explain why that was happening but it has since stopped.

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