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The logs imply a network error


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2.0.7 is my first attempt at 2.x and it doesn't seem to work at all. I get 2 green screens that sometime cylon back and forth other just sit there.  But no sharing.  The logs imply a network error,  finding the screen on the server it's running on.  It also appears to be failing to find  Both servers are Macs and one of them has been a long time succesfull 1x server.  bring back the config screens as an option, I'm just stuck at this point with no way to trouble shoot or fix it.  And 0 doc ? what does remove mean ? what does "share from" mean, is that saying that machine is the server sharing it's keyboard out ? or the opposite.  And I thought the the commercial version came with support ? No phone number I can find, and so far just a auto response from zen desk.


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Nick Bolton

You should get a reply from our support team on Monday. Thanks for your patience. It's probably something simple. Please make sure you send your logs!

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