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Clients disconnect and can't reconnect without server reset

Guy Jones

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I have a ubuntu server and a windows 7 client. Periodically the client will stop responding and the message window will display the following message which repeats until the client and server are reset. Has anyone else had this? Can it be fixed? The windows 7 PC is on the same router but connects to the internet via VPN. [code]NOTE: connecting to '': INFO: watchdog status: ok ERROR: passive ssl error limit exceeded: 100001 ERROR: failed to connect secure socket NOTE: disconnected from server NOTE: stopped client WARNING: detected application not running, pid=8504 INFO: backing off, wait=2s, failures=1 INFO: watchdog status: error INFO: starting new process activeDesktop:Default INFO: starting new process INFO: drag and drop enabled NOTE: started client NOTE: connecting to '': etc[/code]
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