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Synergy configuration?


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I get this is supposed to be self configuring but...

I have an installation with 2 Win10 machines and 1 Fedora machine.

It mostly works.

1 - What does the configuration screen mean?

I ASSUME green is connected, grey is not connected and a moving green bar means trying to connect but this doesn't seem to be consistent..often a grey screen or moving bar shows on a machine that is functioning.

Any answers?

2 - On 1 machine only...if I use its mouse/keyboard it becomes the default mouse/keyboard. To revert to another keyboard/mouse I must specifically select it and give it control via the config panel

Any idea why this may be?

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Sorry I didn't find this before, good explanation of how to shut down Synergy and restart all Synergy cores (though would still be good to have an option to do it).

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