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Cannot use Synergy to log onto Mac Mini client


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I only own one mouse and keyboard, which are both RF wireless and connected to my Windows 10 machine (NOT bluetooth).

The biggest problem I have that completely kills my daily workflow is whenever my Mac Mini restarts, I am helpless on getting back into it using my hosted keyboard/mouse.

When the Mac restarts, it opens the user log in screen (presents me with my user circle icon and asks me to enter password). At this point it seems Synergy is just not running at all. Even when I attempt to SSH into my Mac and launch the service helper and/or Synergy.app, Synergy still doesn't function.

The only way to get into my Mac and get Synergy back up and running is to find another Mac somewhere, remote desktop into my Mac, and screenshare to click my user account, enter my password and click to login.

I've even tried enabling the Accessibility Keyboard on Mac, which is usable by a mouse when logged in, but does not work on the log in screen at all (useless).

I refuse to unplug and replug all my USB peripherals every time my Mac restarts (once or twice a day).

Is there anyway to "activate" Synergy for all users or something so it is running prior to user login?

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specify that this is not a laptop w/keyboard
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Relevant error I think:

[ Router ] [2018-03-07T13:19:42] error: Connection to failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (code 10061)


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