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What are you using Synergy for?


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for the last decade, I have been using midi to run commands on multiple systems hopefully this in combination with local hotkey functions will help me become the trap-god/meme-lord my gran-papi always wanted me to be  


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I find Synergy pretty much indispensable when I''m updating a website I've built. I can follow real-time changes on different browsers without dragging down my primary development machine. and watch Gmail and Hangouts and/or Slack at the same time..l. and sometimes I have a weather map ticking away on one.screen.

Synergy UI.png

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Personal computer is a Windows laptop.

Work computer is a MacBook pro.

27" monitor sits in-between them. Keyboard/mouse are plugged into the PC.

I have to switch the HDMI cable between the PC and the Mac to switch the monitor, but other than that, it's all pretty seamless. I'll be upgrading my monitor later this year so I have two inputs on it and can just push a button to change the display instead of having to switch a cable.

I wish there were HDMI + USB 3 physical KVMs, but there aren't. Synergy gets me close enough and makes life a lot easier.

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"I wish there were HDMI + USB 3 physical KVMs"

There are several (just Google), but the good ones are quite pricey!



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Yeah, new KVMs are crazy expensive for some reason.

In the short-term, I'm going to have HDMI for my MacBook and Displayport for a new PC I'm building, then I can just click a button on the monitor to switch inputs.

I discovered yesterday that when I unplugged my USB hub (with mouse + keyboard) from the MacBook and plugged it into the PC, Synergy detected the host change and automatically set things up, so it just kept working. That was a very pleasant surprise.

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