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2.0.5 Just doesn't work

Sean Poage

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Really not happy with this new version. It doesn't work and I can't configure anything to try different fixes.

Also, this logging into the web in order to use it creeps me out. And it sends a log to a URL if there is an issue?

What else does it send over the web? My keystrokes? Why does it need an online login?

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Just to clarify, I've been using 1x for a long time.  This new version, I don't like the hidden approach.

Not to mention, it doesn't work.

Back to 1.8.  At least it works, which is what I need. Not a "zero-config" program. 

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The web connectivity enables the zero-configuration service to work, it's more or less necessary in principal for zero conf. Offline mode is apparently coming at some point in the future.


This does raise an interesting question. Does synergy have a privacy policy? Perhaps there was one I clicked through during the installation. I can't find one on the website.

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