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How to make my PC mouse the one that controls the others?


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So I use Synergy to go in between my laptop and PC, however whenever I'm sharing with them, I cannot for the life of me make my PC mouse/keyboard the main user. (E.g using the mouse + keyboard on my laptop screen) but it always allows my laptop mouse + keyboard to be used on my PC.

The white dot is on my PCs monitor on both screens but still not being the main one??

How do I make my PC mouse + keyboard the "main" keyboard/mouse?

I have tried uninstalled and installing, I have tried "sharing" from each different monitor but nothing works, it just won't allow my PC keyboard and mouse to be the main.

I have the latest version downloaded.

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This is a very similar issue I am having.  I have synergy 2.0.5 on a Windows 10 PC and a Linux Mint 18 system.  I can use the Linux system as the host and everything is very smooth going.  However, if I try to switch over to the windows system it is very sporadic and doesn't keep a connection as the host.  Sometimes I have to keep synergy open in order to make sure the correct system is the hose system, because it will switch on its own. 

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