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Issue with switching to other devices due to secondary monitor on server PC.


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Hi all,

I love the software, I'll try and explain my issue to you..

I have one monitor mounted above the other, the lower is obviously my main display with the one above being secondary. To the right of both of these monitors, and at the same level as my main display is my Macbook Pro.

Display 2

Display 1

If I wish to slide my mouse off the screen to my Macbook (to the right) I cannot do it from my main monitor, I have to go up to the secondary monitor and then across. Also when I switch back from the Macbook I'm left on the secondary monitor. I can kind of get around the switching to the Macbook by putting it on a hotkey to switch to, however coming back still produces the same results even if hot keyed it moves the mouse back into the middle of the secondary monitor (above my main.)

Is there a way to stop this, I can only assume it's doing this because technically the secondary display is an extension of the primary. Switching them around could be an option but it's a bit distract. All I want to do is be able to move the mouse right and jump onto my mac, or at the very least hotkey the switches but I really want the cursor to return to the main screen.

It might not sound like much of an issue to some people but when you're constantly switching you lose the mouse cursor constantly :-./

If this behaves different in Synergy 2 I'd be happy to upgrade.



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