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Run Synergy 1 and 2 on same computer


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I've purchased Synergy2, and installed it some time ago, But uninstalled for lack of settings (I never got it to run).

Now I'd like to try again (v.2.0.5), but do not have the time to mess up my fully functional (after quite some tinkering) copy of Synergy 1. 

So - is it possible to 1) deactivate Synergy1 and all related processes, and then 2) install Synergy2 on the same computer(s). Then test Synergy2, and depending on the outcome :

a) uninstall Synergy1, without affecting Synergy2

b) or uninstall Synergy2, without affecting Synergy1

Looking forward to input /Truls

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My guess is that it won't work. 

What OS's are you using? Just brainstorming here... Maybe, if windows, manually create a new restore point, then disable automatic restore points. Now do a clean install of 2.05 as a trial. If you are dissatisfied, manually restore your system to the earlier point. 

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@GranPaSmurf - not at bad idea about creating a restore point. Thanks!

I'm probably going to try v.2 on a couple of older inactive computers/macs. And then completely remove the installation afterwards (with an uninstaller program) and then restore v.1 from a saved configuration file, if I'm still unhappy with v.2.

Because yes, I think v.2 removes v.1, when installing v.2 - would be nice with some input from the developer. 

However, my problem with v.1, in one specific location, seems gone today. Not entirely sure why, but I had IP-flushed yesterday, which, when I returned today, had caused my PC to acquire a different IP address. Entering that on the Mac, it immediately started working. Go figure.. So I'm not sure when I'm going to test v.2, and possibly report back my findings. But I'll try..

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