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Mouse Acc Speed not matching


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Server - Win 10
Client Mac High Sierra

Up until a reboot today my mouse acceleration has been just a tiny bit off between the two, but nothing that was not manageable. Today after a restart of the Mac the mouse speed on the mac screen has been WAY off. To the point of being unusable.

What can I do to get them back in synch or any troubleshooting thoughts on this? Mouse has multiple resolutions and I cycled through all of them, about to look at the mouse settings on the W10 machine to see if anything helps.

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Also, Switching the roles of the computers So the Mac is the server and everything is normal. The problem only exists when using the mouse attached to the windows pc.

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Ok so one machine was on the downstairs wifi and the other was on the other (192.168.1x and 192.168.0.x). Relocating them both onto the same subnet (and therefore router) resolved the issue, it seems it was just lag..... hopefully this story will help someone else.

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