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Linux and Mac, keyboard not mapped correctly


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Hi guys,

I have a Linux desktop with keyboard/mouse, and an iMac as a client.

Swedish keyboard layout on both. (This is probably the cause)

On Linux box, everything works perfectly. On the iMac, mouse works, as well as "most" keys.

However keys like | { [ ] } ~ ± ^  is IMPOSSIBLE to type on the iMac.

When I switch to US layout on both boxes, it works better.

Can anyone help how to get a proper SWEDISH keyboard mapping for the iMac client?

I guess this applies to other international keyboards too...



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My only thought is to skim this forum for some of the entries by the guys using German keyboards. I think there was some discussion of third party key mappers.. 

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1 hour ago, JDDoesIT said:

Curious. When you say it "works better" what exactly do you mean?

It means I can at least find the characters I mentioned, however I cannot work with US keyboard layout. It hurts.

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