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Client detecting input incorrectly (can we get client input detection removed?)


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so i had a look into the logs,  looks like the client (with no mouse and keyboard) detects input and forcefully shuts down the master server and starts up its own server to share its keyboard and mouse
(once again even though it hasnt got a keyboard / mouse plugged in) 

this can be replicated by quickly moving the mouse from the main PC across to the client and back to the master. 

it will then take like 20 seconds or so to re-detect input on the main pc before swapping back.
this is a ball ache.   has anyone been able to find a way of locking the clients ability its input or stopping the detection service? 

could you try and replicate this on other windows to linux OS's as i can can change OS's to work around this. 
windows 10 master server and ubuntu 16.04 client,  

i love synergy2.  i love the fact i dont have to reconfigure linux to start synergy before login and the auto detection could be great under the right circumstances but please give us a option to disable this!

also clipboard is mighty handy. 
gone are the days of dropping .txt in a local fileshare to share code between pcs. 

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I'm also having this problem near-constantly. I think this issue would be more properly categorized as a bug than a feature request, as it renders synergy essentially unusable.

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