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Synergy on freebsd 11

phil fluffy

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I'm aware this isn't a supported platform, so not expecting Nick or any of the rest of the symless/synergy team to spend time investigating, but has anyone else out there in userland got synergy2 pro working under freebsd11.1 or any freebsd variant really? I don't need the encryption functions as I wrap it in a ssh tunnel because I have other (weirder)  machines that  ssl doesn't work for.

I have it sort of working with the version out of the freebsd ports collection which is synergyc 1.8.8, protocol version 1.6, but the mouse pointer movement feels lagged and I can see a jerk when some interrupt is taking cpu on the box itself, so ideally I  would like to build my own newer version to eliminate it being some bug long since fixed.

I went to compile but I've been wading through fixing bits as its a linux build script, but if anyone has a fixed script that would be very helpful, or just a list of workarounds etc.

Tia Phil


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And being really dull, the version in ports is 1.8.8 stable, and I'm running 1.8.8 stable on the linux side too. So I doubt there's anything much to be achieved here.

Maybe its cpu/the ssh tunnel causing the lag, I'll have to experiment a bit. Its been a long time since I used *bsd daily so still getting back into it.


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