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Synergy 2.0 on Ubuntu listening on

Rex Chan

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I installed Synergy 2.0 on an Ubuntu machine. The synergy-service started but synergy-core listens on Since it's listening on, I couldn't connect to it from my another machine. I then execute the same synergy-core command with the process listening on instead of and it works. I then try to see how do I modify the start-up script so that it will listen on instead of, but I couldn't find a solution. Does any know how do I do this?

This is the command started by /usr/bin/synergy-service

/usr/bin/synergy-core --client -f --run-as-uid 1000 --debug DEBUG --name my-hostname --enable-drag-drop --profile-dir /var/lib/synergy --log /var/log/synergy/synergy-core.log

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