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Uninstalling Synergy 2 for now.. eagerly waiting for 2.1!

Jolyon Brown

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My setup - Linux (Ubuntu 17.10) & Mac (2 x High Sierra). 

Thanks to support, I got things working with a Linux server (to a point) if I manually stop the synergy service, start a server process and restart the synergy service back up. The Mac clients then connect - after a random period. Until they don't! It all seems a bit sporadic - had one mac dropping off now and again, while the other was fine, then they would seemingly decide to switch behaviours! 

I have some weird focus/response issues too with the mac clients - sometimes having to click onto another desktop then back in before things spring into life. Keyboard mappings on the macs don't really work for me with the Linux server (believe mapping is coming in the next release or so) which is a bit unfortunate.

I tried today with a mac server - manually starting Linux brought that online - however this seemed to have other problems - the mac seemed to struggle with screen edges and knowing where they were, after a while the mouse scroll wheel stopped working completely, glitches on one screen as I moved on the adjacent one etc. 

Bit of a shame. I do want this software to work (we all do!) and hanging in there for 2.1. It feels like everything needs a bit of polish, like this was a beta release. 

But at the moment it's getting in the way - so disabling it for now. 





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well, yesterday same thing happened to me. My Logitech G9X on my desktop stopped working out of the blue, after seeing your post I uninstalled Synergy 2 and my scrolling powers are back. weird issues with Synergy 2, 

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