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Help with support response - Ubuntu unable to connect


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I need some help understanding directions from support. They outline my problem here:


Here are the log lines that indicate the bug:

[ Core ] DEBUG: XOpenDisplay(":0.0")

[ Core ] No protocol specified

[ Core ] WARNING: secondary screen unavailable: unable to open screen

Please try manually running the core process using the command in the log file (look for "/usr/bin/synergy-core" and copy the args). You may need to re-share your machine to get the log line to show. You may also need to run the core command as root.

Can someone explain what actions I should be taking here?

1. Look for "/usr/bin/synergy-core" and copy the args << I see the file but it looks like gibberish when opened in atom and a list of numbers when opened with sublime. Can someone suggest how to correctly open the file?

2. In the case I am able to find the core process, how do I go about running it manually? Terminal command? 

Any help is appreciated, thanks

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